Hire a Speaker: Traci Morin

Hire a Speaker: Traci Morin

Hire a Speaker: Overcome Adversity, Broken Heart

Desire a Minister to come to your church and share How to Overcome All the Obstacles Life Brings?  Give me a call!

Refined by Fire: Victory over Adversity – Inspirational Christian Speaker, Traci Morin, preacher, minister, conference speaker, etc. 

Philippians 4:13 “13 I can do all things through Christa] who strengthens me.”

Hire a Speaker: Traci’s mission is to show others how to overcome all the obstacles life brings you and achieve anything you set your mind as long as you know you can do all things through Christ and know who you are in Christ. Traci shares her life experiences of being sexually abused as a child, being labeled with a learning disability as a young child and told she would never be in a regular school but always in special education.

I was the type to defy all odds and prove everyone wrong.  You see I was misdiagnosed because of trauma at a very young age that shut me down.  I even overcame 13 diseases because of my issues earlier in life.

Hire a speaker: Traci Morin

Hire a speaker: Traci Morin

Speech Topics: 1. A Resilient Life’s journey overcoming abuse and learning disabilities.  Knowing Christ and knowing He can heal you and help you overcome all odds.  2. Exposing Human Sex Trafficking in Dallas/Fort Worth area and around the world.  3.  Healing and Deliverance seminars to set the captives free from all bondage and diseases. 4. Revival Soul Winning Outreaches, 5. Conference speaker, 6. Women’s groups, etc.

Hearing Traci Morin’s story, you will laugh and cry but be encouraged to trust in the Lord in all things during trials and tribulations, adversities and many victories as she overcomes adversities.  Give me a call to hear this inspirational christian speaker.

Other Subjects: Stop Child Trafficking

EDUCATE people – Raise awareness of the existence of modern day slavery in Dallas, Texas and internationally.  How to protect your children.

Pimps are kidnapping children right off the street in almost every major city in the US, and the news media, police departments, and the FBI is NOT telling you the facts. It is called guerrilla pimping and it’s all the rage among street thug pimps.  The prostituted child is brainwashed into believing he or she is worthless and that nobody will want her anymore.  Pimps hang around movie houses, malls, and other gathering places of young people.

  • Girls and boys are also recruited off of Facebook, MySpace, chat rooms and other social media.

Your child might be at risk!  Invite me in your church to bring awareness of this growing problem.

Learn how to protect your children.

Also Preaches the Gospel, Healing and Deliverance Teachings and Seminars, Evangelistic Soul Winning, etc.

Credentials:  Hire a Speaker

  • Ordained minister healing and deliverance and healing broken hearts, traumatic events that set you up for disease.
  • Writer of three (3) manuals
  • Healing Ministry Dallas, TX – Teacher and minister for over 25 years seeing many recover themselves from the bondage of Satan and receive healing physically, emotionally and spiritually (body, soul and spirit)
  • Inspirational Christian Speaker: Preaching in church services, bible studies, women’s groups in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas and abroad delivering God’s Word: “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;” Ps. 103:3 and through Christ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me through any adversity, trial or tribulation; How to live a blessed life.
  • International Christian Speaker: Traveled to several countries delivering the message of Jesus love and healing (Honduras and Mexico).

Give me a call if you would like for me to speak at your conference, bible study, women’s meeting, church service or hire a clown.  817-381-8115.

International Ministries Looking for Financial Support!

We are a small ministry and not equipped to raise money for financial support at this time for international ministries outside America. But, if we could, make sure you answer the needs on the questionnaire especially if the request is for financial and prayers. We want to know your financial goals. We want to know the financial goals of your ministry before partnering!

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