Conceived Out of Wedlock

Bastard Curse

Were you born out of Wedlock? The Curse of Illegitimacy!

Deut. 23:2: “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”

A Bastard Curse of Illegitimacy when a person was conceived out of wedlock or rape or incest.  The child feels unwanted all its life and it is important to forgive your mother and father for their sin.  It is the sins of the fathers and mothers that puts the curse on a child – A spirit of rejection of not feeling wanted.

Incest is having sex with your blood relative, such as a father having sex with his daughter.

Unfortunately, other spirits join with Bastard Curse into a child while in the womb child conceived out of wedlock.  A child or person will struggle with shame, guilt, feelings of abandonment, fear, spirit of rejection, self-hatred, feeling invisible, double mindedness, unclean, just not fitting in, or feelings of being on the outside looking in, etc.  It is a curse affecting the child or person.  It robs them of their identity.

Unfortunately, a child with a bastard’s curse, will have a hard time with all intimate relationships with co-workers, friends, family, husbands or wives.  A person with a bastard curse will most likely struggle with alcohol and drugs, sexual impurity and abnormalities.  The conception results from the spirit of LUST, not LOVE.They will have trouble giving and receiving love.  They will have difficulty trusting themselves or others and often trust the wrong people.  These children get a spirit of rejection.

A child or person will never be content in any church and will wander from church to church.  Children who have had incest relations will struggle with confusion, frustration, self-accusing, hopelessness, etc. because of a bastard curse spirit.

It is important to go through deliverance from the spirit of illegitimacy and reconnect with yourself and God.  God loves you even if you feel defective.  God does not make defective junk.  In fact, regardless of being born out of wedlock, God chose you to be born a certain time.

Examples of Bastard Curse in the Bible:

II SAMUEL 11:2-5 – David conceived a bastard child. This adultery  resulted in a murder to cover up the sexual sin, then the child died. David’s  household was cursed with the sword, his wives were taken by others, rape occurred in the family. Is there a sword in your family? Adultery, murder,  abortion, incest, wandering, insecurity, sexual sins…all these may arise from  and out of the bastard curse. Take notice! Ask the Holy Spirit to show you if this curse exists in your family line (generational curse).  The Curse of Illegitimacy!

Is it time to break the spirit of illegitimacy and start feeling worthy, accepted and loved by God.

Breaking The Authority of the Bastard Curse – Break the Spirit of Illegitimacy