Bitter Root Judgment Video: Inner Vows – is Making A Vow You Will Not Do Something

Inner Vows to Self of something you are going to do or not do is a bitter root judgment.

It is a bitter root judgment that puts a curse on you.  Inner Vows, Pledges Oaths.  Watch Inner Vow Video to Learn Why It Puts a Curse on You! If you have, you need deliverance from familiar spirits who will get you to carry out its assignment.

The only vows we are to make are wedding vows to God to another man.  Oaths, judgments, inner vows are rooted bitter root judgment.  Vows other than marriage need to be repented and broken.  Otherwise, hold you into captivity.

How many of you have made sorority pledges, boy scout oath, blood oath, freemasonry oath, or any oath of loyalty to an organization!  This brings judgment in a form of a curse.

Setting Captives Free from Disease and Oppression – Bitter Root Judgment

Get free from bitter root judgment

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