Signs of Demonic Activity

The term ‘deliverance’ as used here encompasses both the process and the result of one’s liberation from demonic bondage. Deliverance is driving out evil spirits, using the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as your authority. Jesus said,

‘In my name they [believers in Him] will drive out demons‘  Mark 16:17.

Signs of Demonic Oppression – How they Affect Us, Nine Areas of Demonic Residence and How Demons Enter

  •  Entice
  • Harass
  • Torment
  • Compel
  • Enslave
  • Addict
  • Defile
  • Deceive
  • Weaken, make sick, or kill

Nine Areas of signs of demonic oppression

Prov. 25:28

  • Emotions and attitudes
  • Mind
  • Tongue
  • Sex
  • Lusts
  • Occult
  • False religions, philosophies, cults
  • All heresies (departures from Christian faith)
  • Physical bodies


Signs of demonic oppression and How Demons Enter


  • Disobedence of God’s Word – Deut. 28:1-5
  • Occult background — Exodus 20:3–6
  • Personal occult background — Deut. 18:10–12
  • Prenatal influences: rejection, fear — 1 Peter 3:8
  • Soulish domination
  • Pressures in early childhood
  • Moment or place of weakness
  • Sinful acts or habits
  • The generation line
  • Personal sin
  • Occult sin
  • Alternative medical practices
  • Religious sin
  • Ungodly soul-ties
  • Sexual sin
  •  Hurts, abuse, rejection
  • Traumas, accidents
  • Death (including miscarriages, abortions)
  • Curses (including inner vows)
  • Cursed objects and buildings
  • Addictions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Fatigue and tiredness


Signs of Demonic Oppression and How to get free


  • Be humble
  • Be honest
  • Confess faith in Christ
  • Confess sin
  • Repent of all sin
  • Break with occult
  • Forgive
  • Expel

Get Healed and Delivered and Stay Healed and Delivered

  • Repent and be born again – Psalm 103:3
  • Have faith in God for healing and deliverance – Matthew 9:29
  • Obey God’s word – Proverbs 3:1-8
  • Make peace with all men – that means forgive always – Mark 11:22-26, James 5:14-16
  • Control your tongue and don’t be used by the enemy for accusation – Proverbs 18:21
  • Live in God and under His protection – Pslam 91:1
  • Resist the devil of temptation – James 4:7,8
  • Call church elders and believe in their prayers – James 5:14-15
  • Praise God in faith for healing – Psalm 103:1-3

Deliverance Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Setting Captives Free from Disease

If you are not saved or con­fused about God’s love for you, check out the Sal­va­tion / Father’s Love Videos


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