Traci Morin Christian Background Experience and Credentials

Learn Traci Morin’s Christian Background Experience in the Ministry. Her heart and passion are to see others set free, equipped and empowered for Christ, and not held back from demonic strongholds of the mind, etc.

I’ve been serving the Lord since my teens.  When a teenager, I helped with the youth.  I was saved and baptized at age 5 and filled with the Holy Spirit at age 17.  I also had a personal encounter with the Lord at age five when I was given no hope. He said I would recover and I did.

I grew up in the Episcopal Church until 25 years of age; the Lord quickened me to join Church on the Rock, a non-denominational church.  Before Church on the Rock, I became involved with Happening, Vocare, and Cursillo Renewal movement. I loved serving.

Happening is a program modeled on Cursillo but designed for high school youth.  During a two day gathering, participants experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown through the sacraments and the ministry of fellow students, clergy, and lay adults. I was touched that weekend and filled with the spirit. My life changed forever.

At age 18 went to Vocare weekend renewal.  “Volcare” is a form of a Latin word meaning “to call.”  The Vocare weekend is a renewal weekend for young adults when they face serious decisions that set the direction for much of their adult life. I got involved with Vocare and had the opportunity to travel and teach at Vocare Renewal Weekends.

I had a deep hunger to know God’s Word and cried out to the Lord.  I did not know His Word or how to study God’s Word.  It was not enough and knew there was more.  The Lord touched me at Happening, and the Lord filled me with the spirit, but nobody could tell me what happened to me.  I was crying out to God for my hunger of his word.

At Church on the Rock, I learned God’s Word.  I also attended Christ for the Nations and attended BSF Bible Study.  There I learned God’s Word along with other places such as Tyndale University.

In 1988 the Lord lead me to Shady Grove Church and had the privilege to go on a mission outreach trip to New Orleans during Mardi Grass two years in a row.  In 1989 I was asked to be on a spiritual warfare team rescuing a woman from a cult.  She was Satanically Ritually Abused and needed protection.  She was nine generational witch that came to the Lord.  That was my beginnings to Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance later into healing the brokenhearted & sick, Preaching the Gospel of Christ, Outreach To The Lost.  Traci Morin has traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Philippines, China.

I continued to grow in the Lord, and God kept opening doors to me to serve.  I also help with church planting in Waco, Texas.  What a privilege to open a house of God.  The following are areas I have studied or served. Learn about my Christian Background experience in Ministry.

Christ Background Experience and Credential List:

  • President of Touch of God International Ministries
  • Co-founder of  Journey2Wholeness Ministries Healing and Deliverance ministry in 2005 (left in 2010)
  • Currently involved with Toastmasters DCCCD Talks
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • DayStar phone/prayer counselor
  • CBN phone/prayer counselor
  • Ministry team to satanic ritual abused adults along with intercessory group
  • Involved in evangelistic outreach to the lost in Dallas and traveled to New Orleans twice to minister
  • Leadership – College and Career Outreach at Fellowship Church
  • Cell Leader and Prayer and Ministry Team at Shady Grove Church and other churches and special events.
  • Ministry team for Catch Fire, Light the Nations and other ministries – Dallas Conferences
  • Prayer and Ministry team with Shady Grove Church
  • Worked with the youth and/or working with young children through teaching over the years. I worked with ages from 3 to 18.
  • Worked with an organization called Happening in the Episcopal Church for young people and traveled around the United States teaching and ministering 3-day renewals.
  • Day of Upper Room teaching in the Episcopal Churches around the Texas
  • Professional Christian clown and worked with churches, schools in fundraising events.
  • Part of Spiritual Warfare Team
  • and much more…

Christian Background Experience, Training, and Education

  • Deliverance and Healing ministry, Be In Health, by Henry Wright, in Georgia (For My Life and For Their Life)
  • Vision Life Ministries in Irving, Texas, advance training in deliverance, intern and ministry
  • Restoration in Christ by Tom Hawkins – training in SRA
  • Streams Ministry – John Paul Jackson (Prophetic)
  • Frank Hammond Training
  • Derek Prince Training
  • Online Prophetic School – Godspeak
  • Leadership Mentoring Training
  • Hunter Healing School
  • Outreach training in evangelism
  • BSF Bible Study and Group Leader
  • Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas – School of Pastoral Ministry – Pastoral Counseling
  • Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute (Christian Counseling)
  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry by Ed Smith – (I no longer practice inner healing)

Again, I have over 25 years of ministry experience.