Breaking a Poverty Spirit Video Teaching

Healing Miracle Service – Mini teaching regards to breaking a poverty spirit, breaking the curse of poverty. Sunday, April 1, 2018, at 8:30 p.m. cst. Signs of poverty:
  1. Chronic, long-term lack. Lots of people have been through slim times financially for brief periods. However, if you’re stuck in a chronic, long-term pattern of lack, odds are very good that a spirit of poverty (or even of limitation) may be oppressing you.
  2. You get an extra dollar and something always breaks or the money seems to disappear.
  3. Constantly overlooked for promotion for years
  4. Lack of favor on your life on your job, church or clubs?
  5. Poverty Mindset – don’t see your worth, give free business.
  6. Grew up in an organization and taught to live in a spirit of poverty for God.

It is time to break this spirit of poverty off your life.


How a Spirit of Poverty can come into a generation or personally:

  • Exchange of funds done in ungodly way
  • Money spent on prostitutes
  • Those that did not tithe
  • Stingy and greed
  • Not fighting injustice, were unfair
    and closed their ears to the needy
  • Stinginess
  • Not taking care for the poor
  • Oppressed the poor
  • Masons who heaped up curses on
    descendants finances especially if, and when they became Christians
  • Vows of poverty through an organization
  • Ungodly usury
  • Ungodly ways of gaining money
  • Steeling from others
  • Drug trafficking
  • Gambling
  • Worshipping of money and the “love of money”
  • Trusting in money and self-effort above trusting God
  • Help funding on the KKK
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Not forgiving debts
  • Changing land markers
  • Breaking contracts
  • Those who shed innocent blood and I break the curse of wondering
  • Witchcraft curses against finances
  • All curses of bankruptcy
  • Ungodly agreement with the enemy to obtain finances
  • Those who did not serve the LORD our God joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity
  • Materialism
  • Those who sold Christian relics for money
  • Those who commit adultery – Prov. 5:10
  • Mammon spirit – the misuse of money wrongly and money to be stolen
  • Giving money to witch doctors, medicine doctor, shammons
  • Giving money to a secret society
  • Money towards an ungodly divorce
  • Giving money for abortion for self or helping others
  • Giving money to have curses done against someone
  • Giving money to have a ritual done for financial gain and/or used to get a man/woman.

By: Traci Morin Testimony, Servant and Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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