Our Deliverance Ministry Approach to Freedom

Our Deliverance Ministry Approach uses a proven and effective deliverance ministry process that helps to set the captives free during a deliverance ministry session.

Step 1: Review Form Process – Go over your two ministry review forms – the interview process that gives us understanding of your background and family history.

Step 2: Teach – We teach and give understanding of the Entry Points or Open Doors for Demonic torment and disease in your life. We want you to get free and stay free.

Step 3: Closing Doors – A deliverance process of repent and renounce and then cast spirits called out one at a time.

Step 4: Restoration – Prayers of healing and regeneration prayer over your body, soul, and spirit to restore what the Lord originally intended.

Step 5: Walkout Session – Send you walkout videos in how to maintain your healing and deliverance