The Divine Healing Supernatural Power of God eBook

The divine healing supernatural power of god is for today. It is Jesus will for us all to walk in perfect health. Breakthrough Healing: 50 Keys to Experiencing God’s Supernatural Power in Your Life by Larry Sparks is a great book to have on your shelves.

What are the Bible secrets to receiving and releasing divine healing supernatural power of God in your life?


Larry Sparks is on a mission that can be captured in three words: Encounter, Activate, and Transform. His driving passion is to see people encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit, activate God’s power in their everyday lives through supernatural discipleship, and transform their worlds by representing Jesus Christ and advancing His Kingdom.

As an author, speaker, and revivalist, Larry is committed to harnessing the power of media to equip the body of Christ for supernatural living. His ministry, Equip Culture, exists to provide tools and resources that empower Christians to discover their inheritance in Christ and live a life where anything is possible.

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