Blessed or Cursed – Book by Derek Prince “Blessing or Curse”

Do you feel Blessed or Cursed. Are you living a blessed life or do you feel cursed? Derek Prince book “Blessing or Curse” is a must-have book that explain the choices we have that our actions can bring a blessing or a curse, our choice. Derek Prince is one of my mentors that has changed my life and catapult me into the deliverance and healing ministry.

What Derek Prince indicates, that life’s trials and triumphs can seem accidental. Some people struggling in life that can indicate a curse plaguing your life. While at the same time, someone else is having a blessed life. Everything is going well in their lives. Look at the life of the Kennedy family. There seems to be an invisible kingdom that takes the men out of the family at an early age.
Because of the invisible life forces going down our generations, that can either bring blessings or curse. We have an invisible spirit adversary that either has legal right because of the sins and iniquities of our forefathers.

Blessing or Curse is a very popular classic work of Derek Prince helps readers recognize if there are curses at work in their lives and shows them how to get out from under those curses to live under God’s blessings. This third edition of Blessing or Curse includes an extensive new study guide for small group or individual use. Even God’s Word scriptures talks about curses in the bible. We need to choose life.

There are solutions to become free from demonic curses.

About Derek Prince

Derek Prince (1915-2003), was an International Bible teacher and founder of Derek Prince Ministries International, wrote more than fifty books. He was born in India of British parents. Educated as a scholar of Greek and Latin at Eton College and Cambridge University, England, he held a Fellowship in Ancient and Modern Philosophy at King’s College. He also studied Hebrew and Aramaic, at Cambridge University.Learn more

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