Break Free From Trauma and Pain

Trauma and Pain eBook: You’ve gone through deliverance several times and still cannot break free from the memories of trauma and pain? Joan Hunter unravels why you are not getting free. You’ve even forgiven those who hurt you and still suffer and still nursing the painful wounds of your past?

Many Christians have suffered unspeakable trauma and wonder why they aren’t experiencing the freedom God has promised. Trauma goes deeper than the mind. It affects your whole being. When you experience trauma, it opens the door to a spirit of fear. You suffer from fight to flight symptoms and cannot experience peace in your mind or body.

Trauma is the door point that opens the door to many demonic spirits but it also infiltrates the body at the cellular level, and only a deliverance that deals with the whole man—soul, spirit, and body—will treat the trauma and set you free—completely free.

Speaking as one who has received miraculous healing herself and also ministered it to others, Christian author and healing expert Joan Hunter demonstrates how to find true freedom through such methods as…

As you break free from the bondage of trauma and pain, you will walk in deliverance and discover your true identity as a beloved child of God. You can be healed and whole! Start the recovery process today. Experience Beyond Comprehension Freedom.

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