Breaking Family Curses

Do you have curses you can identify? Breaking family curses sometimes are necessary. Don Nori wrote Breaking Generational Curses: Releasing God’s Power in Us, Our Children, and Our Destiny. He saw patterns in his life that was blocking him from his success. Can you relate? You may have have family curses that need breaking so that you can live a victorious life.

Don exposes by using the Word of God about generational curses. He shows that the sins of our fathers do not have to torment us. Our sins do not have to chase after our children. Each generation’s sin should be locked in that generation. This book tells you why and also tells you how to be certain they stay in that generation. Breaking Generational Curses takes the mystery out of breaking the bondage of generational sin.

Don’t you think it is time to end the torment or blocking spirits?

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