Breaking Ungodly Soul-ties by Bill Banks eBook Download

Know the symptoms for breaking Ungodly soul-ties deliverance ebook. Bill Banks book called Breaking Unhealthy Soul-ties Deliverance eBook exposes how soul-ties can develop in an ungodly relationship producing bondage especially if you’ve slept together. When you break up with that person, you cannot stop thinking about them because of the unhealthy soul-ties you have with that person. You may be in bondage to a person!

Not all soul-ties bring bondage because of sex. A person can become co-dependent on another person that creates unhealthy soul ties. You can always tell if there is a soul-tie. Are you easily controlled, dominated? Are you tormented with thoughts of your former boyfriend or lover?

Soul ties can develop through ungodly vows, oaths, promises, to someone or to an organization. Works create soul ties that makes it necessary for breaking ungodly soul-ties. Bill & Sue Banks give powerful revelation and insight into the subject of Soul-Ties, including: What are the symptoms of a healthy, Godly relationship? What are the symptoms of an unhealthy, ungodly relationship? This book offers powerful help to being set free from unnatural bondage (or soul ties) to people, places, and things, such as ex-lovers, people around you who practice manipulation, and others. “Here, at last, is a thorough and theologically sound treatment of a little understood subject…” 

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