Anxiety and Worry Cured Permanently?

The Bible identifies the first negative feeling that entered the human experience after Adam and Eve sinned against God – fear and worry. They were fearful of God because of their obedience, anxious because they knew they were naked. Even God said, “who told you that you are naked? So, we know that a spirit of fear is a spirit from the kingdom of darkness. Nonetheless, anxiety and worry can be cured permanently!

We all encounter sin by agreeing with the spirit of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. We cannot be in faith and fear at the same time. In the Garden, fear was the original, disturbing emotion resulting from Adam’s sense of disobedience and rebellion. Anxiety, fear, and panic that originated at the fall have prevailed. Today, more fear, anxiety, and stress like never before.

My question is, how is psychology going to help you since fear is a spirit. Psychology only deals with the soul of a person. Fear is a spiritual problem. Almost everyone has, at one time, felt helpless in the face of these troubling feelings. Today we are living in the “Age of Anxiety.”

As said in scripture, He did not “give us a spirit of fear….” None of us are beyond the reach of insecurity, self-doubt, procrastination, worry, and apprehension. In fact, anxiety is among the most prominent emotions treated by psychotropic medications. Do you like taking medications? Does it really work for you? Does it solve your problem by getting to the spiritual root of your problem? No, it does not.  As God’s word points out, we can cast our cares and concerns to the Lord according to 2 Peter 5:7.

Even Christian professional counselors know the nature and extent of these crippling emotions apparent in people’s lives forever. We know that fear and anxiety, although very common, can be extremely resistant to psychological and/or medical treatment. As always, there is a better way besides medication. It is casting out the spirit of fear and renewing the mind. Through God’s way, can anxiety and worry be cured permanently? Yes.

  1. You are not able to leave the house because of fear of the unknown and open spaces, and you are missing life and relationships.
  2. Overthinking – Round and round the thoughts go but, unfortunately, the solutions rarely arrive.
  3. You spend most of their waking hours scrutinizing in your mind for solutions but at a standstill? Now feeling depressed and anxious.


Are you a Christian woman suffering from self-doubt, worry, procrastination! Do you feel defeated?

Conquer anxiety and stres


  • Worrying about everything
  • Overthinker
  • Have self-doubt
  • Procrastinator
  • Self-critical voice

and causes anxiousness.