Causes of Generational Curses Deliverance eBook

The Causes of Generational Curses Deliverance eBook. Vitto Rallo, in his book, the Breaking Generational Curses Pulling Down Strongholds, he exposes the causes of generational curses. Along with that, he exposes what God’s Word says about curses in the bible. He also shows how to remove of curses from your family tree.

No one is exempt from having hidden snares that trap and keep us from living a victorious life. There are pitfalls  in everyone’s life such as addictions, destructive behaviors, etc. that need to be exposed and cast out so that a person can live free from those evil negative family generational patterns.

Generational curses are from the sins of our fathers, grandfathers, and further back such as four generations back that can affect a person.

Maybe you don’t believe in any curses as a Christian. Why, when you go to the doctor, they ask your family history of sickness, diseases, and surgeries? There is a reason. Diseases are also curses.

This book offers strategies to find, root out and pull down curse or stronghold. Vitto explains how one can become entrapped, and then sheds light on real and potential snares. He applies the instructions found in God’s Word.

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