The Power of Declaring God’s Word

The book, The Power of Declaring God’s Word, is powerful, will change your life. Then, discovered the power of proclamation in your life and family?  Are there some specific Scriptures you regularly declare for yourself, your family, your community and your nation?  Is this an area in which God is inspiring you in a greater way?

If people could understand the power of declaring God’s word, you would understand the secret weapon there is using it at its fullest potential.Unfortunately, far too few of us actually utilize this “secret weapon.”

Proclamation is a word of spiritual warfare. It is releasing the authority of God’s Word into a situation. Releasing into our own lives, into the life of the church, into a political situation, whatever it may be.

Again, learn the secret in defeating Satan by standing on the Word of God. Then, testify the victory through the mighty and powerful blood of Jesus.

For the first time ever, internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince will lead you to power and victory each day in this 365-day devotional. Each week features a Scriptural declaration of truth to be confessed daily, along with Derek Prince’s amazing insight and teaching.

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