Demons on Eye Witness Account by Howard Pittman

This book Demons on Eye Witness Account is a book everyone should have on their shelves especially if you are into spiritual warfare or deliverance minister. Howard Pittman, who is a  well-known evangelist, speaker, teacher and author. Howard travels the world of telling of the great miracle god worked in his life on August 3, 1979, when he met his appointed time to die, well in an ambulance on route to a hospital.

During his near death experience, Howard shares how angels took him into the second cousin and was shown the strategies of Satan and is the Monica army. This book is the only one of its kind that exposes the end-time plan of satan and goes into great detail describing the appearance, powers and abilities of each level of demonic spirit in satans hierarchy, and their end time purpose.

Howard deals with casting out demons and how healing can be either God or Demon inspired.
The book tells how parapsychology is involved in Satan’s Plans and also the parameters of ghost and spirit activity.

This book is in PDF electronic download

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