How to Endure Trials and Tribulations of Life

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by Derek Prince, How to Endure Trials and Tribulations of Life

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Endure God’s Trials to the End — Derek Prince

Enduring trials of life are not easy. So, learn how to overcome trials and tribulations. Derek Prince, a man of God, prophetic teacher, evangelist, preacher, knows about enduring trials. Every Christians must learn how to endure difficult trials. Jesus gave us a promise that He will not give more than we can handle. Trials produce fruit in our lives. Derek Prince teaches about the power of God in enduring difficult trials.

The lesson begins with these words. “Don’t give up.”

You know what I’ve noticed about God’s trials?  He hardly ever tells you, “This is a trial and if you hold out for six months, you’ll be through.”  Some of us get to five months and twenty-nine days and we give up. We didn’t know we only had one more day!

Never give up. There’s no precedent in the Bible for giving up. God determines how long the test will last, not we.

You see, waiting is one of the tests to which God almost invariably subjects the servants He intends to use.

Many people in the bible endured trials that we should learn from. For example, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David who ran for 10 years before become actual king of Israel. The Power of enduring trials and tribulations teaches us to die to self to get the world out of us.

God Is Faithful.

“Don’t give up.  God is faithful.”

That is the key for enduring trials is don’t give up! Learning how to survive trials and tribulations of life.

The key is embracing trials and tribulations of life and not fighting the process. Every man of God goes through enduring trials and tribulations of life. They are God ordained and part of growth in Christ. This is a must-have book to read to help you enduring your trials.

Against overcoming trials and tribulations of life should be embraced as something good and not negative. Yes, it is hard, but you can learn to praise your way through it.