Destroy the Works of the Devil Deliverance eBook

Are you under attack? Are looking for a book that can help you destroy the works of the devil? Become empowered to defeat the works of the devil against you. You have, understand the power of the Holy Spirit, authority over Satan? You need to get this book called “Destroy the Works of the Enemy: A Deliverance Manual for Spiritual Warfare” by  Iris Delgado and John Delgado.

I would say the church is in a greater war than ever before. As you can see, we are entering a season of greater crisis and evil, and the world needs our help. As necessary, we need to become equipped for destroy the works of the devil. Also, the devil knows he has a short time left, and he’s tenaciously discouraging Christians and non-Christians alike. Demonic forces are at work in many lives, filling them with oppression and depression.

Accordingly, “Destroy the Works of the Enemy” deliverance eBook demonstrates that, through the Holy Spirit, you’ve got authority to overcome evil, and it shows you how to use that power without fear. This how-to manual for freedom will help anyone struggling with sickness, worry, fear, or addiction, covering essential spiritual warfare topics such as:
  • How to deal with fear and worry
  • Learn how to be released from the bonds of sickness
  • See examples how to set others free from Satan’s hold
  • How Jesus dealt with demons
  • Learn how to recognize false and true doctrines 
  • As well as, learn how to maintain your freedom
  • Learn to prayer against witchcraft

“Never give up in the face of adversity. It is in the midst of adversity that we grow stronger.” 

“many Christians are totally ignorant of who Satan is and what his devices, schemes, and strategies are against all believers in Christ.”

“We will reap a harvest if we do not give up. —GALATIANS 6:9”

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