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eBook The School of the Prophets

eBook The School of the Prophets by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

If you are wanting to learn prophecy and understand the gift of the prophet then this is the book to get. What happens when you connect to a prophetic voice? What happens when a prophet appears in your life? Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, established the School of the Prophets in 198 and wrote comprehensive ministerial material giving the foundation principles of effective operation of ministry, and prophetic ministry. Those that desire a deeper understanding of the prophetic component found throughout Scripture, will find that the validity of prophetic ministry is clearly determined to dispel the inordinate degree of skepticism, unbelief and prejudice that permeates the Body of Christ. This is a unique, intensive course of study which will clarify essential points of a good prophet so that a prophet does not go into error or abuse their gift on others.

Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled as The School of the Prophets Volume I1 is explored through meticulous study of the Word of God.

Dreams will play an important part in your life, for they can serve as a key to understanding the real you. There are things that will come forth in your dreams that will supersede your natural actions. The dream will speak to your potential; to what is lurking inside of you. The dream may also be speaking to your fears. God will also use dreams to minister deliverance unto you.

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