The Voice of God PDF by Cindy Jacobs PDF Download

The eBook Voice of God is about how God Speaks Personally and Corporately to His Children Today. Would you like to be able to hear the voice of God in a better way? This book will not give you a specific formula describing the prophetic call and the way to hear the Voice of God. God’s methods are unique. However, it will give you some signposts to follow.

This eBook also gives insight into prophetic intercession in how to receive an immediate prayer request from God and pray about it with utterance.

Not only that, this eBook the Voice of God also shows you how God prepares those who will prophecy publicly or through intercession in a specific way. As you will learn, one of the most important characteristics in integrity. As it is important, the Lord needs trustworthy prophets and prophetesses to speak His words.

As you may know, God speaks to a person to receive a prophetic word from Him in several ways. God to a person directly, through a dream or vision or by reading the Word of God and hearing the song of the Lord.

As you will learn and get valuable information from the eBook The Voice of God, redemptive prophecy is that which speaks to the destiny of God for an individual that brings life-changing revelation from Him. Also, this book only comes in PDF download format. Thank you!

This book sells for $9.00, but we are selling it for $4.00.

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