God Wants You Well by Andrew Wommack eBook

Do you suffer from the disease? You took to heart the words your doctor told you? You lost hope and believe you have to suffer from your illness? Don’t you believe God wants you well?

God Wants You Well Through His Son

The Lord God sent His son Jesus for us to have healing, health, and abundant life. We all want to have good health. The doctors only manage our diseases. Isn’t billions of dollars spent each year for the restore health? Unfortunately, religion has told us that God is the one who wants us sick. The lie is that sickness is a blessing. I want to say it is not. God wants you well.

Regardless, Healing is in Christ’s Atonement. Jesus died for our health as much as He died for the forgiveness of our sins has to be the foundation of our faith for healing. Many Scriptures relate the healing of our bodies and the forgiveness of our sins in the same verse. Jesus went about healing the oppressed by the devil and commissioned the body of Christ. Jesus hasn’t changed, it’s the people who represent Him who have changed.

If it is God’s will to heal everyone, then why isn’t everyone healed? It’s not because of God. And it’s not just because we don’t have enough faith. Our faith in Jesus heals us. Jesus said the problem is our unbelief – unbelief cancels out faith. Instead of trying to get more faith or more significant faith, we need a pure faith that isn’t negated by unbelief.

Some laws govern the spiritual world just as there are laws that govern the physical realm. On the other hand, electricity has been around since the beginning of the world, but humankind didn’t benefit from power until recently, not because it didn’t work, but because of our ignorance of the laws of electricity. Likewise, God’s healing is here and available. It’s only our ignorance of the laws which control the flow of God’s power that keeps us from benefiting from it.

This book will help increase your faith for healing in your life. There is hope, and healing does happen today! It is for you.


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