An Excellent Way to Receive Healing

A More Excellent Way dealing with spiritual roots of disease


An excellent book to read to understand why humanity has the disease.  This book gives you an understanding in your thought life and different types of diseases and their causes. Also, read many miraculous healing stories of testimonies of God doing the impossible.

Hard copy sells for $17.99 to $24.95 only through Amazon.

The problem is a spiritual, psychological, and biological disease what can we do about it and where is God in it today.  This book is designed to be an insight into a problem and its solution: disease prevention and eradication. A must-read book on miracle testimonies of god within the book. Such as testimonies of god healing incurable diseases.

The book, A More Excellent Way download, is on the cutting edge of a problem and its solution and gives you increased knowledge and understanding of your situation and your disease problem by understanding the different types of diseases and their causes.

Touch of God International Ministries is wanting to stop disease and to better equip the saints and the Church to defeat spiritual, psychological, and biological diseases.  I was healed of 10 different diseases and live now a normal life not plagued with allergies, pain, mental torment, etc.

This book takes the mystery of disease to be able to show from God’s perspective why humanity has diseases or incurable diseases.  This book gives answers to the causes of disease or the spiritual root of disease.  This book is in PDF format, shows you how god heals all sickness and disease especially if you’ve spent many dollars and gone through many healing lines not finding your solution for healing. Learn how God heals by dealing with the spiritual roots of disease. This book shows biblical principles and teaching on divine healing through God when we understand the spiritual roots of disease.

This book also helps you increase your discernment to help others in the body of Christ who have a spirit of infirmity.  Why don’t you buy this book and get on the road of healing?

We do have conferences that teach on the material to help those sick with the disease find answers and find healing, especially on the day of miracles at the end of the service when we lay hands on the sick. Learn about the Spiritual Roots of Disease specifically.

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