How Deadly Emotions Affect Health eBook

Learn How Deadly Emotions Affect Your Health ebooks by Dr. Colbert. Did you know that deadly emotions affect health in human beings. It also produces toxins in our bodies that are harmful to our health.

Do you struggle with depression, anger, unforgiveness, guilt, condemnation, insecurities, fear? These are only a few of the lethal toxins that threaten the body and spirit. There is hope.

Dr. Colbert outlines and gives clear definition of deadly emotions causes diseases in your body. God’s word is very specific about these deadly emotions. He exposes where they come from, how they manifest themselves in your body. He also uses scientific evidence to support his view.

There is hope. Part of the healing is knowing the truth. You will learn how to overcome deadly emotions so that your body will release the toxins and your body can heal.

He also focuses on the power of forgiveness and repentance towards others, God and self. Sometimes we cannot forgive self. Science shows that every thought we have determines what chemicals releasing in our bodies. Good thoughts release good chemicals; bad thoughts towards self pulls back certain chemicals causing depression or release dangerous chemicals.

Dr. Colbert shares insight into the role of nutrition plans in removing the physical toxins that make us sick.

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