How to Deal with Guilt by Robert E. Baines eBook

How to Deal with Guilt eBook helps you in dealing With Difficult People. You may have parents, husband, or a boss that tries to manipulate you through guilt.

Are you trying to get along with difficult people, in a Christian way? Living with difficult people can so challenging.

You are about to discover how to finally overcome your feelings of being angry, self-doubting, anxious, and guilty after dealing with difficult people at work (or wherever you meet them), so that you can enjoy the life that God has planned for you!

In this book, you will be led in Christian devotionals developed for the specific purpose of strengthening you, as you work on handling difficult people. You will be lead through devotionals focused on taking care of yourself without being too hard on people or making things worse. While many books will tell you to either ignore difficult people or how to get revenge, they rarely give you specific Christian direction on how to deal with difficult people.

The important thing to understand is that you can break the influence that difficult people exercise over your life just like thousands of others have already done. If you really follow the directions in this book, you will be free from feeling so angry, insecure, and guilty after dealing with difficult people at work, in your family, or in your church. You will overcome your need to appease them. More than that, you will be able to feel free and happy. You’re well on your way to regaining your emotional balance, being energetic, healthy, and happy!

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

• How Some People are Like Snakes

• How There is a Spiritual War Going On

• How to Have Peace of Mind

• How to Take Care of Your Lamp

• How to Speak the Truth in Love

• How to Use the Power of Example

• How to be Selective in What You Give

• How to Get Rid of the Old Yeast

• And Much, Much More!

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