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by Kathryn Kuhlman, The Greatest Power on Earth

Kathryn Kuhlman’s book, The Greatest Power on Earth, is an inspiring book to build your faith to believe in the healing power of God.  loved the Lord and loved to serve God. No woman in the 20th century demonstrated the restoring and healing power of the Holy Spirit to more people than Kathryn Kuhlman did. The Lord moved through her and many healings took place. She lived what she believed, and what she believed she proclaimed with boldness in a time when there were very few women in ministry. “No man or woman need ever be defeated! You are only defeated when you consent to defeat.”

To non–Christians sickened with their sins, she offered salvation through Jesus Christ as the first step to an undefeated life. To Christians struggling to overcome spiritual, emotional, and physical obstacles in their lives, she offered hope and courage and pointed them unerringly to the source of power they needed to live undefeated lives: the Holy Spirit.

A must read book to hear how the Lord used Kathryn Kuhlman to set the captives free from disease.


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