Learn about Lucifer in the Bible and read Lucifer Exposed by Derek Prince

We all need to learn about Lucifer in the Bible deliverance eBook since he is our adversary. We need to discern when he talks to us when he projects thoughts in our head. Derek Prince wrote a book, Lucifer Exposed that exposes the works of Lucifer.

The Devil’s Plans to Destroy Your Life

Derek Prince, shows you the truth about Lucifer in the bible starting with he fall of Lucifer set up “the battle of all ages.” You are positioned right in the midst of this historic struggle!

Was Satan an angel before the fall?
As the Word of God shows, Satan, the fallen archangel, desires nothing more than to win the loyalty, hearts, and minds of the entire human race. He won’t quit in his attempt to win you over!
Lucifer Exposed reveals these shocking facts:

  • Why Lucifer chose to attack God
  • Why Satan is no longer called Lucifer
  • How he enticed one-third of the angels to follow him
  • What causes Christians to be led astray by him
  • How to recognize his evil spirit in others

Lucifer and the deception TV shows our children are watching is one of his weapons to pull children away from God.

Prince exposes Satan’s greatest weapon in enslaving the average human into bondage. Satan attempts to seduce Christians from rising to their full potential through lies. He will get you to not receive the Lord’s forgiveness. Lucifer is a big distraction to every Christian from following God or praying.

Do you struggle with sins you are in bondage too? Such as internet pornography, addiction, gluttony, anger issues, masturbation? Use the mighty spiritual warfare weapons revealed in this compelling book, and victory can be yours!

Learn more about Derek Prince – the father of deliverance

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