The Miracle Healing Power of Jesus by Joan Hunter

This eBook is Powerful, the Miracle Healing Power of Jesus that we also have inside us to walk in miracles. According to Ps. 103:2, He came to heal all diseases, the miracle healing power of Jesus. Jesus commissioned not only his disciples, but you and I to heal others through the power of Jesus Christ. There is conditions for healing.

Joan writes about the miracle healing power of Jesus through her book called “The Power to Heal.” Joan reveals powerful truths about healing and being whole. God wants you to come before Him in humble repentance and receive healing.

  • Gain complete freedom from oppression
  • Overcome the mistakes of your past
  • Learn the keys to true forgiveness
  • Understand what blocks healing
  • End the cycle of dependency
  • Learn how to break generational curses
  • Break the devil’s authority

Address the root causes of sickness and disease. Learn about the miracle healing power of Jesus through her book. She uncovers the root that needs cutting to stop disease in your life and body. God has provided the miracle you need. Believe and receive today.

If you need faith for your own healing, this book is for you.

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