Negative Thoughts Causes Diseases

Can Negative Thinking Make You Sick? Scientific Proof That Negative Beliefs Harm Your Health. Not only that, but 75-98% of Mental and Physical Illnesses Come from our Thought Life!

By now, the mind-body connection is a familiar idea. Most people are aware, such as, that stress can produce physical symptoms like an upset stomach, or that depression often physically hurts. Negative 

Emotions Harm Your Body

negative thoughts causes diseases

negative thoughts causes diseases

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Our fears, anxiety and “stressors” cause clear physical consequences to our bodies. Our bodies reacting to our thought processes stay in a fight or flight readiness. And instead of returning to homeostasis or a normal balance of hormones, if we continue in the same thought patterns of creating stress, then our bodies can become diseased.

Learn diseases from long-term stress and learn how to let go of stress and get back to peace God’s way.

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