Paul and Silas In Jail Sermon Facing Opposition

A Story of Paul and Silas in jail Sermon. A story of Paul and Silas Praising God in Opposition and the Lord did something great for them. Paul set a girl free from divination. Then, the town turn against them and whipped them and threw them in the inner most part of the jail. Have you ever had a bad day? Did you complain or praise God instead? Praising God in Opposition gets you results. I challenge you to listen to the Paul and Silas in Jail Sermon.

Paul and Silas prayed and praised God while in Jail.

Paul knew that when he cast the demon out there would be trouble. That’s one likely reason why he didn’t cast out the spirit sooner. So Paul and Silas (but not Luke and Timothy) were hauled to the forum for a case to be made against them before the magistrates.

facts about Paul and Silas in jail

Paul and Silas suffered from severe pain from their flogging. Having their feet fastened in the stocks meant that they couldn’t sit or lie down comfortably. Most likely, Paul and Silas couldn’t walk a few steps to ease the cramps. As It was midnight, pitch dark in the cell, but sleep was impossible, an Angel appeared.

What happened? The angel caused a earthquake that shook the prison to its foundations. Moreover, this quake also opened all the doors and loosed every prisoner’s chains. What’s more, nobody got hurt. The jailer awoke. The Jailer saw the open doors to all the cells. Can you imagine! Fear gripped him. He knew his punishment and wanted to kill himself with a sword. But, he didn’t need to kill himself; his prisoners had not fled. That was a bigger shock.


He fell down trembling before Paul and Silas. Then he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” It was through Paul and Silas praising God during the midst of trouble that God moved and saved them both. Not only that, a man gets saved, the jailer. So, what does this story about Paul and Silas in Jail Sermon say? It says that we must praise God in all circumstances. Many people complain and lose their blessings. When we praise God, God’s hand can move on our behalf.

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