Prayer for Forgiveness is The Obedience of Christ


Breaking Free MP3 Digital Download StoreThe importance for prayer for forgiveness – Principality of Bitterness (10 MP3 Digital Download files)

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Bitterness is a principality in Satan’s kingdom. There are 7 spirits that answer to the principality of Bitterness:
• Unforgiveness
• Resentment
• Retaliation
• Anger and Wrath
• Hatred
• Violence
• Murder

Each level becomes more dangerous. Learn what is bitterness, what chemicals your body releases and how your cell mutate if we don’t take care of bitterness.  Included is inner vows and deliverance prayers.

If we do not forgive, we have a separation from God as well as it opens the door to disease such as cancer, arthritis and more.

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