Preparation for Deliverance Session Instructions

Thank you for choosing Touch of God International Ministries for personal deliverance ministry. Our heart and want is to see people set free from the destructive forces from the kingdom of darkness. Please read the instructions in regards for preparation for Deliverance Session Instructions.

The preparation videos are designed to help you prepare to receive the greatest benefit from a deliverance ministry session. Scroll down and click on “download now.”

What to Expect on the Day of Ministry

Approximately one-third of Jesus’ earthly ministry involved casting demons out of people.

  • Make sure you fast on the day you are receiving ministry.
  • Be on time. If you are not able to make it, please cancel 24 hours before ministry.
  • When you show up (in person, SKYPE, or Facetime), I will go over your review form by asking questions for clarifications. We seek to discover and identify the demonic troubling you and why it’s happening. I will be truthful with you.
  • After I go through your review forms, I will then ask you to repent and renounce specific area, and then I cast out demonic spirits

Suggested Donation (cost) for Personal Deliverance Ministry Session

Suggested Cost (pay before, or pay at the ministry session):

  • Two Hours – $80.00
  • Three Hours – $120.00
  • Four Hours – $160.00

Click to make donation payment (501(c)(3). 

Upon Arrival

Sometimes candidates often have some fears about possible embarrassment or dangers that may occur during deliverance. Our deliverance team, during your session, pray a covering and protection over you. In addition, we pray for God’s anointing, for the gifting of the Holy Spirit (especially the gift of discerning of spirits), for the delegated power and authority needed for deliverance, and for the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the session. We are not your judge. Our heart and want is to get you free. Be honest and open with us. Thank you!

What Can Manifest

Many times a person will just yawn. Sometimes cough, and rarely feel pain, and very rarely lose control. I don’t allow this and will stop and ask more questions.

Our Promise to You

Please know that everything said during the deliverance session is completely confidential. No one outside of myself and the team present will share your information. I don’t keep files either electronically or in paper form. I don’t call your pastor and tell them what I have learned.


Traci Morin, President of Touch of God International Ministries

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