The Importance of Remembering God in the Wilderness

Why the importance of remembering what god has done while in the wilderness. Sermons on trusting god in difficult times. The wilderness is like a dry desert, a valley of death like it is mentioned in Ps. 23. The wilderness is a time to stand on God’s Promises for strength and hope. What is the spiritual meaning of the wilderness? Lessons from the wilderness wondering. Jesus, after filled with the Holy Spirit went to the wilderness and prayed and fasted for 40 days. You must stand firm, resist and remember God’s goodness. Resist the devil and he will flee. There will be spiritual attack before breakthrough. Resist the temptation is to resist the devil and he will flee. We are the weakest during wilderness experiences. During the wilderness you will be humbled, so humble yourself before the lord and he will lift you up. You may feel abandoned by God but God will feed you like bible stories manna in the wilderness. Look at the wilderness is leaving the old behind and as a promotion to a new level. God uses the wilderness experience for deliverance of things that get in the way.
By: #tracimorin, Touch of God International Ministries