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This teaching changes people’s lives by learning renewing your mind sermon teachings.

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Do you feel defeated. Cannot seem to stay constant in your faith in who you are? Learn how to renew your mind sermon teaching. According to God’s Word, become transformed by renewing your mind with the Word of God. We are spirit beings in a mobile home between two-spirit worlds. As always, the importance of learning to know when the enemy is speaking to you. Also, learn Satan’s voice and cast it down, if not love. The mind is a battlefield, so renewing your mind is essential.

  • Why do not conform to this world
  • What does it mean to renew your mind

Accordingly, the Word of God is a two-edged sword that physically changes the dendrites in your brain. As well as, destroys strongholds and lies of the enemy. God’s Word washes and cleanses the mind. There is power in God’s Word. If you could, read God’s word for 30 days about who you are in Christ Jesus. When you commit, your life changes.

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Buy this excellent teaching, renewing your mind sermon teaching today! This teaching will change your life and help you break down the lies to enter into God’s truth and God’s purposes in your life.