Set the Captives Free from the Devil Deliverance eBook

Do you have strongholds and need freedom. Do you know people in bondage and you want to set the captives free from the devil. This book, “Delivering the Captives: Understanding the Strongman–And How to Defeat Him” by Alice Smith, is a must-have book to own.

As you can imagine, many Christians, do you suffer from an unbridled temper, overpowering sinful habits, overwhelming sadness, or any number of other spiritually defeating issues? Are you seemingly unable to set up and keep up positive, meaningful relationships with others?

Counselor or Pastor, do you sometimes wonder why you have such limited authority over evil spirits; and why, after evicting them one week, the same spirits show up again the next week?

In Delivering the Captives, Alice Smith draws on her thirty-five years of deliverance ministry around the world to expose some of Satan’s “slickest strategies.” Learn how to set the captives free from the devil. She explains how he deceives us into building spiritual strongholds in our own lives through willful sin so his demons can run, develop into strongman, and access levels of dominion over us. Let Alice show you how to detect and defeat strongman, and precisely why Jesus said we must bind the strongman before we dismantle their strongholds and permanently dismiss them.

Here are your guidance, including Alice’s much sought-after list of Apparent Demonic Groupings which reveals how demons work together. Here are your biblical tools, including prayers, proclamations, and pronouncements to renounce evil spirits and remove them from your life and from the lives of others.

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