The Breaking of Curses Deliverance eBook

Learn types of curses in deliverance and how to break them. This book is from one of our pioneers of deliverance, Frank Hammond. Then, how to break a curse. Either inherited curses from families, or our personal curses. We have a sin nature as well as we have the law of sin along with inherited curses from the sins and iniquity called generational curses from our bloodline going back four generations.

Frank Hammond explains in detail how curses are real and he explains how many of God’s people are suffering because of them. Do you want to get free from curses. In this volume, the causes and effects of curses are examined.

The Lord Jesus Christ made provision through the cross for you to move from curse to blessing. Discover the eight spiritual laws that govern curses, and take the nine scriptural steps that lead from curse to blessing!

You may not believe you have a curse. Do you have a sin issue that controls you? How about do you have the same diseases your parents had? Why do doctors ask about our family history? You will learn why and more.

Watch Video – Learn types of curses and how to break curses

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