Learn What the Fourth Cause of Death in America!

Also, spiritual blocks to healing along with the fourth cause of death in America!

are prescription drugs bad for you

A re prescription drugs bad for you? The Fourth cause of death in America is side effects from prescribed medications. It is also a block to healing by bypassing the penalty of sin is death. Why are we sick in the first place? Eighty percent (80%) of diseases have a spiritual root. The prescription drugs side effects in America.

Adverse effects of prescription drugs

The effects of medicine on the body and liver? Are antidepressants over prescribed? Do you have regrets, unforgiveness, self-hatred, insecurities, fight with guilt and shame, etc. All these elements causes the serotonin to go down, then we go to the doctor to get an antidepressant that is a serotonin enhancer. We need to deal with self.

Go online and check out the over diagnosis of adhd statistics. Then, when a child is diagnosed with ADHD, they are on medication for the rest of their lives and also labeled with a learning disability. There are side effects of ADHD medications.

How about the overuse of antidepressant drugs? We need to deal with self. Many times we are depressed because of regrets, self-unforgiveness, unresolved guilt, not being nurtured or loved properly that creates insecurities, fears, worthlessness, etc. We are mind, body and spirit and every thought effects our body. When you don’t feel good about yourself, then the serotonin go down, and an antidepressant drug is an serotonin enhancer.

Because of drug interactions and over prescribed drugs, we have the fourth cause of death after heart attacks, cancer, strokes, then death from prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies make over a billion dollars per quarter. Do you think they care about you? Isn’t it time to deal with our issues God’s Way? Watch this video to learn about the Fourth Cause of Death in America


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