Fasting and Prayer for Breakthrough

Did you know that the power of fasting and prayer for breakthrough causes us to become god changers? Learn how to become a God changer.

This video, by Traci Morin, teaches on prayer and how to have a breakthrough through fasting and prayer for your breakthrough so that you can become a God changer. Change your home, change your work, change your circumstances through fasting and prayer.

Watch this powerful video on Fasting and Prayer for Breakthrough. Your life will change. We do not fight flesh and blood. We fight a spiritual would. Through fasting and prayer, God gives you strategy to fight a good fight for breakthrough. Are you willing to take the challenge and fight a good fight against the adversary and have victory through fasting and prayer for breakthrough? I challenge you – fasting and prayer for breakthrough over your circumstances. Get more answers to prayer. Not only that, be a God changer to your world you life in.

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