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The Prophetic Perspective by Mark Chironna PDF Download

This eBook the Prophetic Perspective asks questions if there are modern-day prophets? Or are prophets relegated to by-gone Bible days? The answers in this book may surprise you! Also, this book only comes in PDF download format. Thank you!

This ebook stirs up a lot of spiritual questions such as:

  • What does prophetic really mean?
  • Do you attend a prophetic church?
  • Does your worship team move in the prophetic?
  • Does the prophetic label lean toward elitism or cultism?

Prophet and Pastor, Dr. Mark J. Chironna, answers many questions. He answers solidy on and many more based solidly on Scripture and personal experiences. Mark Chironna is a well-known for his inspirational insights and diverse discussions into the spiritual realm, Modern-Day Prophet follows in a steady progression of his other popular and widely-read books.

Topics in this book include:

  • The Ascension Gifts
  • The Prophetic in Context
  • The Person of the Prophet
  • The New Apostolic Reformation

The prophetic need not be mysterious, confusing, or a source of contention—it is a unique aspect of God’s rich kingdom that you can be part of and from which you can reap great rewards.

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