Voodoo Priestess Testimony of Deliverance eBook

A Voodoo Priestess Testimony of deliverance by Ana Mendez Ferrell; it’s a must-have book for your shelf – Regions of Captivity. Accordingly, Ana shares her story of demonic captivity as a voodoo priestess in how she ended up in a mental ward evenly getting saved in 1985. In light of the miraculous power of God, Anna is ultimately delivered and transformed into one of God’s healing generals.

Voodoo Priestess Testimony and Insight

This book deals with regions of captivity in which this prophetess is an expert. As she describes different regions of captivity and their locations, she explains Jesus’ role in setting captive souls free. As well as, shares the revelation and the steps to freedom. There are many theoretical books, but they don’t teach you how to apply their knowledge. However, Ana presents practical tools for those who want to live in freedom. Again, I recommend this book to every Christian, as each revelation uses the Word of God. Also, this voodoo priestess testimony of deliverance and insight in how to help people who are still Satan’s captives in different areas. The anointing of God is on this work to fulfill Jesus’ purpose of setting people free from the captivity such as homosexuality, drug addiction, alcohol, sickness, and more. It doesn’t matter what the problem is—this book will bless you.

Again, Regions of Captivity encourages you to:

• Establish yourself in heavenly places.
• Appropriate Christ’s victory over bondage.
• Accept the keys to God’s kingdom.
• Believing the prophetic revelation of the Holy Spirit to set yourself free.
• Take Scripture from the mystical realm to practical reality.

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Quotes from Anna Mendez Ferrell

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