What Does the Bible Say About Sickness and Disease

Did you know that the bible talks about sin opens the door to disease? At least 80 percent of our diseases have a spiritual root. It could be generational sins, personal sins, or not sin at all – the fallen world. Some diseases is because of our thought life – negative emotions. We are body, soul and spirit. Learn what does the bible say about sickness and disease. How many of you have a disease and been through healing lines and did not receive your healing. That is because there is a reason an open door for your disease. It is God’s purpose for you not to get sick in the first place.

When we sin, it gives the enemy a legal right to put disease onto your body, soul or emotions (mental). Do you want to receive your healing through taking responsibility and repentance? God is faithful to heal us. Video teaching what does the bible say about sickness and disease

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