Faith that Prevails Free PDF Ebook Download

by Smith Wigglesworth

Read Hebrews 11:1-11. I believe that there is only one way to
all the treasures of God, and that is the way of faith. By faith
and faith alone do we get into a knowledge of the attributes
and become partakers of the beatitudes, and participate in
the glories of our ascended Lord. All His promises are Yea
and Amen to them that believe.
God would have us come to Him by His own way. That is
through the open door of grace. A way has been made. It is a
beautiful way, and all His saints can enter in by this way
and find rest. God has prescribed that the just shall live by
faith. I find that all is failure that has not its base on the
rock Christ Jesus. He is the only way, the truth and the life.
The way of faith is the Christ way, receiving Him in His
fulness and walking in Him; receiving His quickening life
that fills, moves and changes us, bringing us to a place
where there is always an Amen in our hearts to all the will of
As I look into Acts 12, I find that the people were praying all
night for Peter to come out of prison. They had a zeal but
seem to have been lacking in faith. They were to be
commended for their zeal in spending their time in prayer
without ceasing, but their faith, evidently, did not measure
up to such a marvellous answer. Rhoda had more faith than
the rest of them. When the knock came to the door, she ran
to it, and the moment she heard Peter’s voice, she ran back
again with joy saying that Peter stood before the gate. And
all the people said, “You are mad. It isn’t so.” But she
constantly affirmed that it was so.