Harassed by Jezebel? We Have the Solution for You – Win Against Jezebel through Strategic Prayer

In this book, you will get the solution and win against Jezebel through strategic prayer. Not only that, you will read about my encounter with Jezebel. They were tough times, but the Lord gave me the keys to win against Jezebel. One encounter was with one of my peers at work – a practicing witch. As you can imagine, she made my life miserable in any way she could. Even interfered with my daily work.
Many weird things begin to happen. My car, for example, got hit five times in the garage at work. I knew it was unusual. I got bitter. But, the Lord approached me, and told me to pray for her. I said, “What,” no way!

The Lord always has His way. Shortly after hearing the Lord, I turned on the radio to a similar story like mine. His story exhilarated me with hope. So, I decided to give it a whirl.
In this book, you will learn about God’s love for everyone. How prayer is powerful, and it protects you when you do it God’s way.
Get this book, and you will receive sure proof prayers of win against Jezebel through strategic prayers. Then, see the hand of God.

By: Traci Morin

Cost: $2.25

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