This is Your Season of New Anointing in the Year 2019

Learn how to move into your season of new Anointing. So, things you need to do to move into the next level because this is a season of spiritual transition into the things of God. This teaching talks about some of the things required to walk into your new season. It does not come automatically. There are requirements. ‘

Spiritual Food for the Soul

Spiritual Food for the Soul

David learned the hard way that cost him because he didn’t inquire of the Lord. When he did pray, fast, read the Word of God that gave him the answers to bring the ark back to the City of David, Jerusalem, then, a great transition of time took place. So it is time of positioning yourself for breakthrough to move into the next level.

This video gives keys to succeed in stepping into a new season of new anointing in the year 2019. Watch the video below:

School Youtube – Food for the Soul series on prayer and fasting

By: Traci Morin, Touch of God International Ministries

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