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School of Deliverance

School of Deliverance Training Online

Anytime, On-Demand, Video Lessons at Your Own Leisure (3 months)

Level 1: This level gives you a scriptural foundation of deliverance. You will receive 16 subjects (30 hours), and receive four (4) personal ministry sessions. As a student, you get yourself free as you learn. You will also get to sit in on live demonstrations of deliverance sessions. Students, who want to serve under Touch of God, must complete Level 1 before going to level 2. If you participated at my Break-Free Conference, you are eligible for Level 2.

Our goal for you recover from spirit of infirmity, demonic bondage, demonic strongholds, etc.

Cost: 1) watch online healing ministry videos $125.00.

Two books included in the cost: 1) Derek Prince, “Blessings or Curse” 2) Henry Wright “A More Excellent Way” – free version is available in PDF format or you can buy the book, if you prefer. You will also receive weekly newsletters with more tidbits.

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16 Classroom Subjects: Online Healing Ministry Classes

  • I will discuss the spiritual heavenly realm, the invisible world of disembodied beings, the origin and nature of Sin manifesting throughout humanity.
  • I will be discuss the link  between stress lowers the immune system and allows illness.
  • I will be discussing how the depths of being broken heart the immune system being suppressed and how intense emotional pain can activate the same neural pathways as physical pain.
  • I will be discussing about how bitterness, occult modalities and new age medicine opens the door to disembodied beings and how you lose your hedge of protection.
  • I will be providing insights into what Scripture says about healing of disease and disease prevention God’s Way.
  • I will be teaching how Separation in three areas is Pathways of Disease and find common pathways between complex diseases
  • I will discuss what trauma and the effects of it..and how to deal with it in your life
  • I will be teaching the mind, body spirit connection and importance of recognizing the source of our thoughts, and more….

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We are a healing ministry, deliverance ministry.  Healing through Deliverance.

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