School of Deliverance

School of Deliverance ministry Training

School of Deliverance Ministry Training

Touch of God Training future deliverance ministers by equipping them with knowledge, through teachings to gain an understanding of key-life principles that they can apply to your own life and others.

The Nuts and Bolts of Deliverance Ministry – Level 2 Hands on Training

Receive teaching and gain understanding of key life principles,

Level 2 – The School of Deliverance ministry training is to equip ministers who are called to set people free from demonic strongholds. You know you your calling is in deliverance ministry, and you have a desire to learn more about deliverance and healing by fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus!

  • Come alongside Touch of God International Ministries team and begin helping others apply biblical principles.

School of Ministry Deliverance and Healing Equipping Course Material:

  • Learn the twelve (12-7) open doors for torment and disease. Prov. 26:1 a curse causeless cannot come. Such as unforgiveness (god, others, self), sexual sins, occult activities, generational curses, word curses, lack of nurturing, trauma, etc.,
  • Learn spiritual roots of disease (there are a cause and effect 80 percent of the time),
  • Learn how to close doors by leading the client into the process effectively with confidence,
  • The understanding of blessing or curses through the power of the tongue,
  • Learn how Fear, Stress and Physiology teaching – the mind and body connection,
  • Understanding the demonic realm (types of demons, demon hierarchy chart, demon characters, etc.), witchcraft and our authority,
  • Learn the dangers of occult practices, the new world order, and new age practices, new age medicine,
  • The do’s and don’t of ministry for protection,
  • The order of ministry over a household,
  • The importance of character development – ministerial ethics leaders, and
  • Provide robust biblical theology necessary for authority, ministry of deliverance to others.

Touch of God Trains Future Deliverance Ministers at School of Deliverance Ministry Training

Learn a proven and effective deliverance ministry process to set the captives free!

Prerequisite for Level 2: Participated at Break-Free Seminar (2-day event) or School of Deliverance Training Online Level 1 necessary foundation,   or been to George “For My Life.” There are exceptions such as you are an ordained minister flowing in the gifts of God.

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Level 2: This is more hands-on training.

Teaching the Biblical Principles of Healing and Deliverance.

Training Future Ministers at School of Ministry Training Healing and Deliverance

Training Future Ministers at School of Ministry Training in Healing and Deliverance

Touch of God Int’l Ministries offers Dynamic Deliverance Ministry Training for Future Ministers at the School of Deliverance.

Practical School of Ministry Training Course in Healing and Deliverance

Teaching Biblical Principles of Healing and Deliverance

  • Four Saturdays (1 to 5) or eight Saturday sessions (2 hours) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Hands-on training setting captives free

Jesus calls us to preach the gospel, heal the sick, set the captives free and make disciples according to Luke 4:18.  Learn essential and practical training covering the core elements of healing and deliverance.

Requirements During Deliverance Training To Graduate:

  • Willing to go through a 12-week or 4-week training
  • Read two books and training manual
  • Required Homework Assignments
  • Serve at a Seminars and Healing Services (if one taking place)
  • Sit in and pray during a personal ministry sessions (5)
  • Bi-monthly Leadership Mentoring group Level 3: Leadership Mentoring
  • Participate in the prayer and intercession Facebook Private Group
  • Bi-monthly prayer gathering online as a group two times a month.

Requirements During/After the Deliverance Training

  • Serve and help minister at a Break-free Texas seminar and possibly share your testimony
  • Serve at the Miracle Healing Services
  • Serve at mini seminars
  • Sit in and pray during a personal ministry sessions
  • Eventually, minister to others
  • Participate at the Bi-monthly Leadership Mentoring group on Saturday nights.

The Vision and Mission of Touch of God International Ministries Healing and Deliverance Training:

The importance of internship: Intern under Touch of God International Ministries!  Help others to fulfill the great Commission of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Kingdom of God by preaching the good news, healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free.

The Cost for the School of Ministry Deliverance Advanced Deliverance Class (coming soon) is $375 and includes:

  • Extensive (12) weeks of deliverance training (2 hours) or 4 Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Extensive Training Manual (over 300 pages)
  • Books:  1) “A More Excellent Way” by Henry Wright, 2)  Blessings and Curses by Derek Prince
  • Sit in with instructor on personal ministry sessions and also three-way through Skype (international)
  • Graduation luncheon with certificate of completion

Advantages Being Part of Touch of God Int’l Ministries – Training Future Ministers at School of Ministry Training in Healing and Deliverance Ministers

  • Opportunities to teach and/or minister to others one-on-one or group,
  • Opportunities to help serve on the prayer team during seminars, conference and local churches, and
  • Opportunity to travel abroad and minister to the hurting.
  • Become part of and participate with Facebook Groups.

What will you do through training / interning?

  • Become part of the priesthood
  • Dig deep into the Word of God
  • Step out in faith in ministry setting
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice
  • Exercise faith’s authority
  • Set the captives free
  • Give words of knowledge
  • Learn to flow in the Spirit
  • Grow in the anointing
  • Pray for the sick
  • Minister to the poor and rich
  • Demonstrate prophetic gifting
  • Share testimonies
  • Go to other churches in America and abroad
  • Understand the entire infrastructure of a ministry, fund raising for mission trips, etc.

Requirements for Training Future Ministers:

Commitment to a lifestyle to the Word of God and prayer, holy hunger.  We are looking for people who want to be part of a group that are going after their destiny with the Lord with all of their heart.  That means holiness of the Lord lifestyle.

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