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School of Deliverance Ministry Training

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School of Deliverance Training

Deliverance Ministry Prayer Training

School of Deliverance Ministry Training in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas – due to pandemic, this is on hold.

Advanced Training Module 102 – Deliverance Certificate Courses

Touch of God Int’l Ministries is located in Texas. The purpose of the Advanced School of Deliverance Ministry Training is to encourage, train, and equip others the mechanics of the deliverance ministry process to become effective deliverance ministers. Learn how to cast out demons through practical training process by teaching a solid foundation for the beginner in a proven and effective ministry process. Also, get your deliverance ministry certification.

Training Future Ministers at the School of Ministry in Healing and Deliverance. Accordingly, Teaching Biblical Spiritual Principles of Healing and Deliverance.

  • Extensive Six months of Christian deliverance ministry training (2 hours) on Saturday afternoons – (2 to 3 times a month).

The Module training 102 gives an overview and foundation understanding of deliverance ministry process through our 12/7/4 strategy. Learn the concept of healing, authority as well as learn how to driving out of demons that keeps the believer from living a fruitful life. Furthermore, the 12/7/4 strategic module deliverance training is to prepare students to minister to others through personal ministry prayer sessions effectively. If you have not gone through the training Module 101, you can do so at the same time going through Module 102 and 103.

Limited Space – Sign Up Today!

Maybe you don’t feel called to minister one-on-one with others? There are other ways to serve Touch of God Int’l Ministries?

  • Administrative needs
  • Setting up mini conferences and larger conferences
  • Sitting in and praying when I minister to others
  • and more
Equipping Future Ministers

Equipping Future Ministers

Deliverance Ministry Training – On hold due to pandemiic

Time: 4:00 p.m. Location: Euless, Texas

When you register, an email will be sent with the address of the location.

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Biblical Teaching to Gain Understanding of Key Life Principles of a Deliverance Ministry Process

Come alongside Touch of God International Ministries team and begin helping others by apply biblical principles to set the captives free from demonic torment from our effective deliverance training system.

Learn Nuts and Bolts of Deliverance Ministry Training Approach

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and Want to Become Part of Touch of God Int’l Ministries, you’ve come to the right place. You will receive indepth teaching training process.

Learn the Deliverance Ministry Strategy

Unlocking the gift of discernment. This specialized healing and deliverance ministry process training teaches how to minister in deliverance using a proven and effective process. Our training incorporates how to conduct the interview process to identify issues, and deliverance training session.

Included in the Module 102 Advanced Deliverance Ministry Training

Beginners Distance Learning Deliverance Self-Paced Classes

Beginners Distance Learning Deliverance Self-Paced Classes

Module Training 101 Anytime Online School of Deliverance Ministry Training – currently available

This online class is for anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of deliverance ministry as well as spiritual roots of disease by listening to 16 module teachings. Anyone in the world can go through this class. Not to mention, the option to receive two to four deliverance ministry sessions. Also, for those who want to go through the advanced modules 102/103, you can go through the video class that coincides with the curriculum. Read what this entails.

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Mentoring Leadership Program

Mentoring Leadership Program

The Module Training 103 Leadership Mentoring – this is on hold because of pandemic

Hands-on Advanced School of Deliverance Ministry Training meets one to two  times a month (coincides with 102). Equally important, Leadership Mentoring continues even after graduation. Uniquely, this class focuses on the unlocking the gifts of discernment, skills, and anointing to minister deliverance to others. Hands-on student involvement allows the exercising discerning abilities, practice spiritual authority, prophetic skills, along with with their listening and interview skills — the purpose of increasing their anointing. Moreover, students participate in actual personal ministry (deliverance) sessions, a time of prayer, worship, and teachings on specific issues. Read what this entails.

learn more about school of deliverance training

Jesus calls us to preach the gospel, heal the sick, set the captives free and make disciples according to Luke 4:18.  Learn essential and practical training covering the core elements of healing and deliverance.

The Equipping Module 102 Advanced Deliverance Training Includes:

Part 1:

  • The do’s and don’t of ministry for protection,
  • Learn the mechanics of a deliverance ministry process,
  • The importance of preparatory and post-deliverance teachings,
  • How to prepare the ministry room for the client for the deliverance ministry session, and more

Part 2:

  • The twelve (12-7-4 strategy) open doors for torment and disease. Prov. 26:1 a curse causeless cannot come,
  • Learn spiritual roots of disease (there are a cause and effect 80 percent of the time),
  • Entry points/open doors for demonic torment,
  • How to close doors by leading the client into the process effectively with confidence to freedom,
  • The understanding Fear, Stress and Physiology teaching – the mind and body connection to disease and how it affects the immune system,
  • Ministering to someone with PTSD, Anxiety, and Phobias,
  • Learn the dangers of occult practices, the new world order, and new age practices, new age medicine that is opening the door to Kundalini invasion, and demonic oppression,
  • Learn why some people are not healed,
  • The importance of walkout, and more

102 Training Module Requirements During Deliverance Training To Graduate:

  • Willing to go through six months (16-weeks of training).
  • Read two books and the training manual
  • Required Homework Assignments
  • Sit in and observe and pray during a personal ministry sessions
  • Bi-monthly Leadership Mentoring group Level 3: Leadership Mentoring
  • Participate in the prayer of intercession Facebook Private Group
  • Part of the bi-monthly prayer time online with the team

After Finishing the deliverance ministry program, you receive the following:

  • Graduation ceremony at a restaurant
  • Receive deliverance certificate
  • Receive the impartation of God’s anointing power and authority
  • Add your photo onto the website
  • Become part of the Touch of God Deliverance Team

The Vision and Mission of Touch of God International Ministries Healing and Deliverance Training:

The importance of internship under Touch of God International Ministries!  Help others to fulfill the great Commission of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Kingdom of God by preaching the good news, healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free.

Must live in the area to attend classes weekly. Must want to serve with Touch of God International Ministries.

Limited Space – Sign Up Today!

Plan 1: Not Taken the Prerequisite Module 101

You desire to go through all the Modules for the Advanced Deliverance Training

Cost is $471.00

Option 1 (three monthly payments of $157.00)

Option 2 (five monthly payments $94.20)

Plan 2: You’ve Gone Through Module 101 or Participated at a Break-Free Seminar

You desire to go through the school of deliverance advanced deliverance training!

Cost is $396.00

Option 1 (three monthly payments $132.00)

Option 2 (five monthly payments of $79.20)

Plan 1 and 2 Receive the Following Materials and Other Programs:

  • Extensive Training Manual (over 425 pages)
  • Two Books: : “A More Excellent Way” by Henry Wright,”  and  Blessing or Curses by Derek Prince
  • All the password protected renunciation prayers (25)
  • Links to All Video Teachings (16 Modules)
  • Sit in with instructor on personal deliverance ministry sessions and also three-way through Zoom (for out of the area clients)
  • Module 103 Mentoring Leadership Program – learn to use your gifts (prayer, deliverance, healing, prophetic words, continued teachings, etc.).
  • Bi-monthly team prayer meetings (1 hour long)
  • Graduation luncheon with certificate of completion

Limited Space – School of Deliverance training – Sign Up Today!

Advantages of Becoming Part of Touch of God Int’l Ministries – Training Future Ministers at School of Ministry Training in Healing and Deliverance Ministers

  • Opportunities to teach and/or minister to others one-on-one or group,
  • Opportunities to help serve on the prayer team during seminars, conference and local churches, and
  • Opportunity to travel abroad and minister to the hurting.
  • Become part of and participate with Facebook Groups.

After you fill out form, you will be directed to the payment plan (3 payments. You are not obligated to make payment if you want to attend the introductory to learn more before committing.

What will you do through training / interning?

What will you do through training / interning?

  • Become part of the priesthood
  • Dig deep into the Word of God
  • Step out in faith in ministry setting
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice
  • Exercise faith’s authority
  • Set the captives free
  • Give words of knowledge
  • Learn to flow in the Spirit
  • Grow in the anointing
  • Pray for the sick
  • Minister to the poor and rich
  • Demonstrate prophetic gifting
  • Share testimonies
  • Go to other churches in America and abroad
  • Understand the entire infrastructure of a ministry, fund raising for mission trips, etc.

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