Family Spiritual Warfare Prayer Manual


Spiritual Warfare Family Prayer Manual

Powerful family prayers to pray over family members and other types of prayers


The family spiritual warfare manual: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Healing by Confrontation with Darkness. It is not
by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord. Zech 4:6.
  • Are you needing prayers for healing from a spirit of infirmity, 
  • Maybe you have loved ones that are not saved and you are looking for spiritual warfare prayers to break
    the bondage off their mind and demonic influence,
  • Maybe you are dealing with teenagers who are ensnared with drug addiction, dating the wrong person and you need miracle prayers, 
  • Maybe you and your family are dealing with financial issues such as a spirit of poverty that needs to be agreed and broken off.
  • Maybe you need prayer for strength, prayer for protection, prayer for peace for peace of mind, and/or prayer for guidance,
  • Maybe you feel into sin and need agreement prayer for forgiveness.

See Spiritual Warfare Family Prayers

Warfare Prayers 
Prayer Index

Introduction                                                                               2-3
Why Pray Scriptures                                                                   4-5
The Washing of the Heavenlies                                                  5-6
1.     Baby Prayers:
a.      Before Baby is Born Prayers Expected Mom       10
b.     Dedication Prayer                                                     12-17
c.     Loss of Baby from Miscarriage and Healing        18-19
d.    Protection from Future Miscarriages                     20
e.     Adoption of Baby Prayer                                       21
a.      Pray for Protection Before Leaving House           23-26
b.     Pray for Their Salvation                                        27-28
c.      Teenagers in Rebellion                                          29
d.     Teenagers Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex)            30

3.  Marriage:
a.      Healthy Marriage Prayer Against Marriage
Problems                                                            33-34
b.     Prayer over Husband or Wife (separation)            35
c.      Salvation Prayer for Spouse (husband or wife)      36
d.     Pornography Addictions (spouse)                         37-38
e.      Father Blessing Prayer                                         39
f.       Mother Blessing Prayer                                        40
g.     Spiritual Authority Prayer (Husband & Wife)
Release                                                                41
a.      Employment Prayer                                               43
b.     Favor Each Day Prayer                                         44
c.      Financial Curses – Break Poverty                          45-46
d.     SurgeryPrayer of Protection and Healing              47-48
e.      House Cleansing Prayer                                        49-56
f.       IllnessFamily Prayer                                             57-58
g.     Morning Prayer                                                    59
h.     NewHome Dedication                                          60-61
i.       Breaking Witchcraft Curses Over Family               62-63


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