Proven Prayers that Save Your Family

Spiritual Warfare Family Prayer Manual

Powerful family prayers to pray over family members and other types of prayers
Spiritual Warfare Family Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Family Prayers

The family spiritual warfare manual: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Healing by Confrontation with Darkness. It is not
by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord. Zech 4:6.
  • Are you needing prayers for healing from a spirit of infirmity, 
  • Maybe you have loved ones that are not saved and you are looking for spiritual warfare prayers to break
    the bondage off their mind and demonic influence,
  • Maybe you are dealing with teenagers who are ensnared with drug addiction, dating the wrong person and you need miracle prayers, 
  • Maybe you and your family are dealing with financial issues such as a spirit of poverty that needs to be agreed and broken off.
  • Maybe you need prayer for strength, prayer for protection, prayer for peace for peace of mind, and/or prayer for guidance,
  • Maybe you feel into sin and need agreement prayer for forgiveness.

See Spiritual Warfare Family Prayers

Warfare Prayers 
Prayer Index

Introduction                                                                               2-3
Why Pray Scriptures                                                                   4-5
The Washing of the Heavenlies                                                  5-6
1.     Baby Prayers:
a.      Before Baby is Born Prayers Expected Mom       10
b.     Dedication Prayer                                                     12-17
c.     Loss of Baby from Miscarriage and Healing        18-19
d.    Protection from Future Miscarriages                     20
e.     Adoption of Baby Prayer                                       21
a.      Pray for Protection Before Leaving House           23-26
b.     Pray for Their Salvation                                        27-28
c.      Teenagers in Rebellion                                          29
d.     Teenagers Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex)            30

3.  Marriage:
a.      Healthy Marriage Prayer Against Marriage
Problems                                                            33-34
b.     Prayer over Husband or Wife (separation)            35
c.      Salvation Prayer for Spouse (husband or wife)      36
d.     Pornography Addictions (spouse)                         37-38
e.      Father Blessing Prayer                                         39
f.       Mother Blessing Prayer                                        40
g.     Spiritual Authority Prayer (Husband & Wife)
Release                                                                41
a.      Employment Prayer                                               43
b.     Favor Each Day Prayer                                         44
c.      Financial Curses – Break Poverty                          45-46
d.     SurgeryPrayer of Protection and Healing              47-48
e.      House Cleansing Prayer                                        49-56
f.       IllnessFamily Prayer                                             57-58
g.     Morning Prayer                                                    59
h.     NewHome Dedication                                          60-61
i.       Breaking Witchcraft Curses Over Family               62-63


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