Overcoming Fear of Man Because Fear of Man Brings a Snare

Fear is never from God and is the opposite of faith.  Fear is an evil spirit!  So fear is our enemy.  It is a vital part of Satan’s kingdom and his desire to control us and to steal our faith.  In fact fear has torment.  Do you have fear of man?  It is a fear of others, like authority.  If you cannot look at a person in the eyes, then there is a fear of man coming out of a spirit of rejection.  Most of us experience a time in our lives when we fear men but we outhgt not have a fear of man but a fear of God instead.

If you are breathing in God’s Kingdom, God has a calling on your life! Are you going to let the enemy rob you? Will you let the Fear of Man stop you under the guise -It is not sitting there waiting for you with a title slapped on it? That you are not Perfect, not healed in everything YOU think you should be, before walking in it? Had I known that it was the spirit of Fear that stopped me from speaking out loud. From walking in the gifts that were naturally and supernaturally IN me, I could have done so much more for the Lord, and walked in such Joy so much sooner. Its just a very big mistake to waste another day.

Fear of Man causes compromising

When you have a fear of man, you have fear of rejection and want to fit in.  What ends up happening is when you are wanting to fit in, you will do anything, that means compromising God to feel accepted and loved by others.  It is a fear of man operating in your life.  Fear of man brings a snare.

Peter walked with Jesus all that time, seeing miracle after miracle and yet at the end he denied Christ. Later he went on to do Great things. Doing what God calls us too does not necessarily mean its a Full Time Ministry position, But everytime it involves helping and serving of others. Let me give you some simple examples of God’s purposes and calling and what that might look like.  What if Peter had a fear of man?  Could he done the things the Lord called him to do?  Like I said we need to get over a fear of man that brings a snare.

Fear of Man Antidote

The Word of God provides the antidote that combats the fear of man.  When we feel intimidated by someone, God will take that weakness and make us strong.  Heb. 11:34 says “Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.”

Open doors to a spirit of fear


  • Have you lost a child? Possibly death- miscarriage ,disease, adoption, abortion.
  • Have you lost a parent or spouse? In death, divorce.
  • Have you lost a home and belongings? Due to death, divorce, unemployment, catastrophic weather?
  • Have you lost the ability to work and disabled for a season? Due to disease or an accident?


These are just a few example of things that we all experience in one way or another. If you have overcome with God in victory to peace and joy in Christ- there is someone waiting to hear how do you do this?

How do you survive and want to live another day. How can they be healed?


So when you study Fear, Stress and Physiology with us and learn how Fear and Trauma robs you of so very much of His Joy in this life! You get excited at Knowing that God is waiting for the Truth in His word, to override what the enemy has meant for evil! That you can NOW walk in complete wholeness- His Peace. (nothing missing, nothing broken) That is the Good News! Selah

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Overcoming the Fear of Man Brings a Snare

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