I hate myself – self-hatred spirit leads to depression

Teenagers that say “I hate myself so much”.

I hate myself - self-hatred spirits

I hate myself – self-hatred spirit – depression

I hate myself - self-hatred spirit - depression

I hate myself – self-hatred spirit – depression


Many teenagers live with emotional pain and self-inflict themselves to deal with emotional pain and depression.  As you can see on these images they say I hate myself so much.

When you don’t love who you are or see who you are in Christ, your serotonins go down causing depression.  Touch of God is a healing ministry, deliverance ministry and healing through deliverance.

I hate myself - self-hatred spirit - depression

I hate myself – self-hatred spirit – depressionMany teenagers say “I hate myself”.  When there is emotional pain, teenagers will cut themselves, do drugs and other ways of self-destruction.  Some even goes as far as suicide attempts, teenagers cut themselves.  How can you help your teenager to start loving themselves?

When a Teenage says “I hate myself” they deal with emotion pain in the following way:

1. Drink or drugs to drown out the pain

2. Suicide attempts

3. Bing or anorexia

4. Find love in all the wrong places

5. Self cutting on their bodies

Why would a teenager do this to their bodies?  It is because of emotional pain. How do you identify a teenager with self-hatred?  They don’t seem to care about anything and seem depressed and are isolating themselves.  Many teenagers suffer from depression.  Many hurt because of breakup with a man they loved.  Some women give their bodies over to these men and then dumped.  These teenagers suffer from rejection and broken heart.

Why would a teenager feel these feelings:

1. Parents busy with their careers

2. Parents have their own problems

3. Mother or father not emotionally available

4. The child could be neglected physically

5. The child has issues with rejection.


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