Dealing with Traumatic Events of the Past

Are you haunted by demonic spirits from the traumatic past events?

You Can Find Peace Through Our Healing Method.

Have you had traumatic past events you cannot seem to resolve or forget them?  They wake you up at night as nightmares?

Is this from someone traumatizing you when you were young, doing evil when you and cannot forget, witnessing something horrible and cannot get it out of your mind, or someone hurt you through child molestation, rape, etc. and having flashbacks? Bad dreams? Triggered easily and go into a panic attack?

  • Did you know dealing with traumatic events can cause emotional problems,
  • destructive behaviors and
  • relationship difficulties

Dealing with traumatic events of the past seem difficult to resolve when fueled by the ongoing influence of traumatic past events?  Did you know trauma creates triggers.  When triggered, go into rage, crying, destructive behaviors with yourself or others.  There may be a toxic seed of unforgiveness in your life?

Forgiveness is a choice of free will that enables you to release all those toxic thoughts of anger, resentment, bitterness, shame, grief, regret, guilt and hate.  Some of our traumatic events is because of others have betrayed, hurt you, abused you physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Crippling you to function in life and to trust anyone especially God.

The person who did this was used as a medium of evil and forgiveness starts with repentance (forgiving others).  You have to separate the person from their sin and forgive the person.  The longer you stay in bitterness, you have developed old pathways of nerve circuits of the brain holding the memory in place as triggers.

Dealing with traumatic events of the past that are unresolved, even when not consciously remembered, can block desired change and increase vulnerability to medical problems.

Touch of God International Ministries knows how to set the captives free from past traumatic events that clear the negative effects of trauma stemming from an painful life experience.  Our approach to healing and positive change, God’s way through forgiveness if involving someone else or removing the spirits holding the traumatic memories in place, bringing positive change utilize precise way of ministering that clears the effects of trauma gently and painlessly.

The exact traumatic event needing resolution is cleared even if it has been repressed or forgotten. Our method brings transformation and freedom to the individual.

The Unconscious conflict blocking desired change are brought to light and resolved.  The mind is cleared and optimized so that the person can move forward in life.  Triggers, negative habits, painful emotions are replaced by God’s truth.  Not only that, painful emotions are replaced by positive feelings of joy and peace.

Is it time to find freedom today by dealing with traumatic events of the past unresolved issues.