Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Jesus

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Touch of God Int’l Ministries (healing and deliverance) mission to others, according to Mark 16:15-18, is:

  • equip the saints through teaching
  • minister healing and deliverance prayers to others, and
  • empower and educate men and women who feel called to minister spiritual healing and deliverance through our training.

My favorite thing to do is pray for others. Join us every Tuesday night on facebook – group: Prayer and Intercession at 10:00 p.m. cst. Make sure you fill out a prayer request.

Miracle Healing Service, Irving, Texas, June 16, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. Learn More and register

Powerful Miracle Healing Service

Powerful Miracle Healing Service

Are you under spiritual attack that is shipwrecking faith, oppress a believer and stall out destiny? Are you looking for freedom and restoration? Touch of God has profound knowledge about the demonic realm to set the captives free from bondage and torment.

Did you know that 80 percent of our diseases have a root cause? Many of our diseases are caused by stress and our thought life. Touch of God has insight into disease and prevention of disease through sound scriptural truth by identifying root causes to disease. We offer a pathway of healing and wholeness.


Events and Programs

Equipping Future Ministers

Equipping Future Ministers

Break Free Healing and Deliverance Seminars

Beginners Distance Learning Deliverance Self-Paced Classes

Beginners Distance Learning Deliverance Self-Paced Classes

 You know you are called to minister healing and deliverance to others but cannot find training? Bi-yearly we offer 2-Day Break Free Seminars.  Learn the Biblical principles that will make you free from mental, physical and spiritual torment Live to far to come to Dallas/Fort Worth area and need healing and deliverance?  We offer 16 healing deliverance subjects with over 25 hours of listening time.  You will receive 4 personal one-on-one ministry sessions.


  • Learn how to fight demonic forces at work that can result in illness, demonic oppression, depression, financial difficulty, abnormal fears, hearing voices, feel spiritually dead, and in bondage to sinful things. – breaking curses prayer.
  • Receive freedom from the power of spiritual bondage, demonic forces, demonic oppression and experience the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Services Offered

Prayer Request Form

Prayer Request Form

Personal Deliverance Prayer Ministry

Personal Deliverance Prayer Ministry

Mentoring Christian Future Leaders

Mentoring Christian Future Leaders

 Do you need prayer of agreement? Fill out the prayer request form and we will stand in agreement. We also pray every Tuesday night at 10:00 cst through Facebook Live.  Are you seeking healing and deliverance from torment or from disease. We can help you. You will understand why mankind has disease by identifying the spiritual root issue. You are looking for a Leadership Mentoring Program to practice your god-given gifts in the areas of gifts of healing, prophecy, deliverance, teaching, etc. Learn more

Our desire is to better equip the saints to defeat spiritual psychological and biological disease and demonic bondage. The problem is that saints doesn’t understand disease and why the demonic influence through open doors. We have gone into captivity and are perishing because of lack of knowledge – Hosea 10:10. God’s perfect will is not only to heal you and set you free but not get sick and keep the door closed.

Coming this Summer, Miracle Healing Services

Experience God’s Healing Power! Touch of God International Ministries believes God has promised healing to His people. Psalm 34:19 says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God shall deliver us from them all.”

Come to our upcoming miracle healing services where the supernatural healing power of God takes place through miracle healing prayers in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  Sign up for our newsletter to know dates and time.

Deliverance Prayers for Healing Seminar


Touch of God supports City Refuge, Human Trafficking – Texas ranks No. 2 for human trafficking crime

Touch of God supports City Refuge – a place of refuge.  Also, I visit churches and other organizations to bring awareness of how children are kidnapped and learn how to recognize children of human trafficking and get them help!  Why the problem in Texas?  Texas is a hub for international human trafficking because of its many busy interstate highways, international airports, bus stations, the shipping commerce through the Gulf of Mexico, and its shared border with Mexico.  How does this happen?   450,000 children run away from home each year, children kidnapped, lured through the internet – facebook, chat rooms, etc.  As the economy continues to crumble, parents are prostituting their children.  One child brings in $90,000 a year of income.

Human trafficking is an issue for all socioeconomic levels and does not only affect low-income families and households.

Stop Human Trafficking - Save the Children - Stop Child Slavery

Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Minisry Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Prayer Meeting Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas – a Jesus Healing Ministry


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